Sai-Ko by Gabriela Harding

Sai-Ko and Other Stories

by Gabriela Harding

Sai-Ko is a collection of twelve stories that will take you to the depths of human nature, a scuba dive incursion into the unconscious mind. Deliciously dark, savoury and funny, this book is written with undisguised frankness, offering a glimpse into the post-Communist society in a country sentenced to live with the scars of war.

Santa Claws by Gabriela Harding

Santa Claws

by Gabriela Harding

It’s Christmas Eve and Honey is home alone. Well, alone if she doesn’t count the boring company of her little brother, Teddy, and her grandmother, who is a little too fond of sherry. She doesn’t think Christmas can get any worse. But when Honey and Teddy are brutally kidnapped from their own home, this festive season soon becomes the worst Christmas ever…